What do you mean I can’t pack 5……..?!?!

Alright, I’ll admit to it! I am the QUEEN of overpacking.  It doesn’t matter how long I’m going for (a day, a weekend, a week) I like to be prepared!  That means I usually pack everything that I could ever need while away from home.  For vacations that don’t require you to carry all of you luggage for hours at a time, its acceptable to over pack- although you may pay a pretty penny for a couple suitcases on airplanes these days.

woman overpacking

Hiking, come to find out, has its own rules for packing.  No hair straightener or beauty products on this trip!

EVERYTHING you pack,  you also must carry.  Someone should have told this guy….

            overpacked hiking pack


Those packs get H-E-A-V-Y when you’re climbing up those mountains!  Below I’ve created a list of the items I wanted to pack for our 2.5 day hike.  When I brought these items over to Dave’s so we could pack together, I thought I did a good job of narrowing down the things I wanted to pack in my backpack…Dave did not agree with me on this one.  So there is also my revised list of the clothing items I was allowed to bring.


1 pair hiking shoes                                                             1 pair hiking shoes

1 pair flip-flops                                                                     1 pair flip-flops

4 pairs of socks                                                                    2 pairs of socks

4 pairs of underwear                                                         2 pairs of underwear

2 sports bras                                                                        2 sports bras

2 pairs of convertible pants                                             1 pair of convertible pants

3 short sleeve shirts                                                           1 short sleeve shirt

2 long-sleeve shirts                                                            1 long-sleeve shirts

2 pairs of compression tights                                         1 pair of compression tights

1 fleece jacket                                                                       1 fleece jacket

1 rain jacket and pants                                                      1 rain jacket and pants

1 hat and 1 pair of gloves                                                  1 hat and 1 pair of gloves

  TOTAL # of items:  25                                             TOTAL # of items: 14

Basically, I had to reduce the number of items by almost 1/3!  And surprisingly, I didn’t even use every single item.  There was one pair of socks I did not wear and I didn’t need the gloves.  I would have kicked my self in the butt if I had packed to original 25 items!  I guess you don’t always need to pack your whole dresser to go on a trip!  Dave helped me pack the perfect amount!!


That’s all for now but I’ll have another packing post on the actual gear we took and used!

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