Peak #3 – Iroquois Peak 5/25/12

Peak # 3 – Iroquois Peak

Iroquois Peak

Since we were already at the top of Algonquin, it only made sense to do Iroquois peak.  The trailhead for Iroquois was near the summit of Algonquin.  It was actually pretty easy to miss this trail because the trail marker wasn’t very well marked….You have to look really close to see the arrow pointing the opposite way for Iroquois…

iroquois trail marker

This is an unmaintained trail…meaning it was not clear-cut like the 2 previous trails. There was mud, water, and overgrown branches everywhere.  Even though it wasn’t maintained, it was pretty easy to follow. We ran into some other hikers who were coming down from the top and they warned us that it got even more muddy ahead.  At that point I gave up on trying to walk around the mud spots.  Five minutes later and my feet were soaking wet and muddy!  I definitely need new trail shoes ASAP!

Iroquois Peak is 4840 feet in elevation, making it the 8th highest peak in the ADK.  Because of it’s rocky summit, we were supposed to have great views of Indian Pass.  Unfortunately, it was still extremely windy and rainy.  We could barely see anything!  This is a picture of what we were supposed to see…

Iroquois Summit


After summiting this peak, we headed back to the trailhead.  Here we began our hike down Algonquin….which was difficult to say the least!

Here is a quick video from the top!


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