Lake Placid

Lake Placid

May 27-28 2012

 lake placid

After long and draining hiking trip, Dave and I headed into Lake Placid to spend the day/night.  We ended up meeting Julia (my sister), her husband Adam and their dog Charlie at 46 Sandwiches for brunch.  I can’t remember what sandwich we had, but it was delicious!  If you are ever in Placid, you must go there! YUM!!  We showered at the hotel Julia was staying at since we couldn’t check into ours until later that day.  They were staying at The Golden Arrow.  It was a super nice hotel located right on Mirror Lake.   Their hotel had a nice beach with paddleboats that you could take out on the lake.  Dave and I decided we might have to borrow one of those later in the day.  I say borrow loosely here since Dave and I weren’t technically guests of the hotel….shhh don’t tell!!! After showering in my sister’s room, Dave and I hit up the local grocery store and liquor store to get some snacks and drinks to take out on the paddleboats.  Before heading out on the boat, we checked into our hotel, Lake Placid Summit Hotel. It wasn’t the Golden Arrow but the price was right.

golden arrow hotel        summit hotel

We made our way back down to the Golden Arrow with our snacks and drinks in tow.  After sitting on the beach for a while and watching Dave feed a duck a Cheetos out of his mouth (gross!  Watch the video!), we snagged one of the paddleboats and headed out on the water.

We were out there for a couple hours.  It was nice sitting in the sun, making our way around the lake and enjoying a cocktail.  Much needed after around 20-25 miles of hiking.

Since we didn’t want to completely take advantage of using the hotels paddleboat, Dave and I brought the boat back and took a stroll down the main street of Lake Placid.  There’s a ton of cute little shops with nick-knacks galore!  Besides looking around a few stores, we did some wine tasting at the Goose Watch Winery.  The wine was pretty good…we ended up buying a couple of bottles to take home.  The rest of the night was a little blurry…too much alcohol, sun and dehydration!  We went to the happy hour at our hotel then went to dinner at Nicola’s.  We got a yummy pizza and a clam dish…both we really good.   We stopped at Ben and Jerry’s on the way back to the hotel before passing out for the night.  Overall, we had a great time in Lake Placid!

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