Crying… there’s no crying in hiking!!

Crying… there’s no crying in hiking!!  5/25/12

Yes I admit it…I cried during my first hiking trip. Exhaustion, wet conditions, bad hiking shoes and hunger all contributed to my explosion of emotions.  Hiking down was much different than hiking up the peak.  I felt much more stable hiking up in altitude instead of down.  During most of the descent I felt as though I was going to tople over and land flat on my face.  My ultra-light trail running shoes were no match for this slippery, rocky terrain.  As my legs began to tire and my fear of falling increased, I just started to cry.  I’m not your typical wishy-washy girl so this was somewhat unexpected.  Dave looked at my like I was crazy. This scene from the movie “A League of Their Own” popped into my head…

Much to my surprise, Dave was a lot nicer than Tom Hanks.  He made sure I was okay and kept reassuring me that I would not fall and die..  Our plan was to hike down Algonquin and camp in one of the lean-to’s near Lake Colden.  This was my first experience camping in a place other than my backyard or a typical campground.  It was a little nerve-wracking, but a good experience.  After hiking what seemed to be hours upon hours and going down the wrong trail for a little while, Dave and I finally found the place where we were going to sleep.  The lean-to that we chose to sleep in opened up to a wide field with a stream just a few steps away.  lean-toWith no reservations taken in the wilderness, we had to share the lean-to with three guys from Buffalo.  They were very friendly.  We ended up hiking the same route they did that day.  The lean-to we slept in was supposed to fit 8-10 people comfortably…I would have to say it would have been a very tight squeeze if 3-5 more people joined us.

Dave basically waited on me hand and foot.  He prepared dinner, set up the sleeping area, took care of the bear bins, pumped water and washed dishes.  What a gentleman!  For dinner we had a combination of ramen noodle soups. I can’t remember what flavors they were but  it was the best thing I ever tasted (or so I thought since I was sooooo hungry!).  We brought a bag of wine for the trip, which was much needed after my little crying episode! Nothing like a little alcohol to take the edge off! Here’s a quick video of the recap for the day.

Dave even had a surprise dessert for me!  Iceream!!! Yes we were out in the middle of the woods and yes it was about 80 degrees but Dave managed to serve me icecream.  How, you ask?? …well it’s a little something called Astronaut Icecream.  I had never heard of it but it tasted ***almost*** like the real thing.  He sure knows the way to my heart!  After dinner, wine and icecream I was one sleepy hiker!

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