Peak #2 – Algonquin Peak 5/25/12

Peak #2 – Algonquin Peak

algonquin peak


After heading back down to the trail head where Wright Peak and Algonquin Peak diverge, we picked up our packs and headed up to tackle Algonquin.  I was a little weary of climbing Algonquin because of the intense wind at the top of Wright.  I was hoping my pack would help weigh me down!  The summit of Algonquin was only 0.9 mile away.  In running, it’s really easy and fast to cover that distance.  In hiking…not so much!

peak post

Algonquin is the second highest peak in the Adirondacks, with an elevation of 5,115 feet.   This is a maintained trail (meaning people ‘groom’ the trail).  Before this hiking trip I didn’t know some trails wouldn’t be groomed.  There were some longer steep sections on this trail compared to Wright Peak.   Basically we were climbing up a streambed.


The summit seemed large and relatively flat.  Supposedly there are great views from the top.  Unfortunately, it was really windy and cloudy the day we went.  We could barely see two feet in front of us.  Below is a picture of what we were SUPPOSED to be able to see.

algonquin summit

Here is a quick video of our summit!

Algonquin summit


After finding the peak marker we headed off to climb peak #3- Iroquis!

Hello ADK Mountains!

Before starting this adventure, I honestly didn’t consider hiking to be hard. You are just walking, right?!?  Living where I do,  I’ve had the opportunity to experience the outdoors…my family lives near Mendon Ponds Park which has several nice, hilly (or so I thought) trails.  We even ventured out to Letchworth State Park to go camping and hiking a few times.  Little did I know that those are just speed bumps compared to hiking in the ADK Mountains…..


(Mendon Ponds Trail)                                                         (Mount Marcy)


As you can see, I had quite a different viewpoint of “hiking” before my first trip.  Let’s just say a lot has changed.  Hiking is HARD, tiring, draining, wet, muddy, dirty, stinky….WHY am I doing this again???